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Hi Crafter!

Make your day with LOKLiK

A LOKLiK Crafter in LOKLiK Blue
A LOKLiK Crafter in Romance Pink
A LOKLiK Crafter in Denim Blue

Accurate CutEven with intricate patterns

Faster than FastLong-tested fast motor

Ultra QuietWith noise-cancelling technology

Cutting & DrawingUse blades and pens

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LOKLiK: Intelligent machines for crafting enthusiasts

With our cutting machines, heat presses, and large assortment of materials,
we're here to make your day easier and more creative.

4 rolls of permanent adhesive matte vinyl next to some chamomile flowers and a stack of 4 books, a white mug with a rainbow and a blue mug with text sea you soon, a clear phone cover with Anything is possible decal and a wooden disk with I love dogs. White tote bag with rainbox cat and black tote bag with astronaut on a light pink background 4 rolls of holographic adhesive vinyl, a notbebook with an elf in holographic material, two cards with elves and three pens on a mint green background

Start your creative projects

LOKLiK IdeaStudio

Design your ideas in LOKLiK IdeaStudio on your computer, tablet or phone.

LOKLiK Workshop

Discover infinite free designs for your creative projects from our exclusive designers.

Watch tutorials

Explore more detailed step-by-step instructions on innovative and inspiring crafts.

A person using a LOKLiK Auto Hheat Press

Powerful assistance for effortless heat transfer

Discover the ultimate tool to achieve a flawless finish for your creations, our cutting-edge heat presses!

Unleash your creativity with our wide range of heat press options. Whether you choose our large Auto Heat Press, our efficient Easy Heat Press, or the small but mighty Mini Heat Press - you will always have the right tool for the job.

LOKLiK Mini Heat Press in Romance Pink

Mini Heat Press

Be creative on the go with our small portable heat press

LOKLiK Easy Heat Press in Denim Blue

Easy Heat Press

Transfer your designs onto fabric with our manual heat press

LOKLiK Auto Heat Press in LOKLiK Blue

Auto Heat Press

Simplify your heat transfer projects with our large automatic heat press

LOKLiK Auto Tumbler Heat Press in LOKLiK White

Auto Tumbler Heat Press

Automate your round projects with our automatic tumbler heat press

LOKLiK ImPress™ Hat in LOKLiK Blue

ImPress™ Hat

Transfer your designs onto caps & hats with our hat heat press

LOKLiK Materials

Create projects with a variety of materials:

Discover all materials
A LOKLiK Crafter in Romance Pink

Get inspired

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