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  • LOKLiK Crafter - Romance Pink
  • LOKLiK Crafter - Romance Pink
  • LOKLiK Crafter - Romance Pink
  • LOKLiK Crafter - Romance Pink
  • LOKLiK Crafter - Romance Pink

LOKLiK Crafter - Romance Pink

Sale €195,00 incl. VAT | €235,95

Our smart cutting machine with an easy-to-use app cuts vinyl, cardboard, paper, and more. Design and personalise anything: make custom cards, stickers, T-shirts and apparel, vinyl decals and more!

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Discover the LOKLiK Crafter, your ultimate creative companion. With its intuitive design and versatile features, the LOKLiK Crafter empowers you to bring your artistic visions to life using a range of different materials. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out, this innovative tool opens up a world of possibilities for crafting enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Key features

High-precision cutting

Faster performance: Featuring self-developed, hard and durable alloy blades and a rigorously tested fast motor, the LOKLiK Crafter achieves cutting speeds 10-20% faster than other machines under the same conditions.

Close-up view of the carriage and tool clamps of the LOKLiK Crafter

Create with multiple different materials

Wide material compatibility: The LOKLiK Crafter works with a variety of materials, including heat transfer vinyl (HTV), adhesive vinyl, sublimation paper, cardstock, heat transfer paper, felt, and more, offering endless creative possibilities.

Diverse rolls of vinyl in different colours standing upright

Cut printed images

Precision cutting: The "Print Then Cut" feature allows the LOKLiK Crafter to precisely track and cut along the contours of printed images, even for intricate patterns.

Close view the tool carriage of a LOKLiK Crafter

Multi-purpose features

Draw your design: Designed with two different tool clamps, the Crafter can handle both cutting blades and coloured pens. Install a brush pen in your Crafter and let the machine draw your design on paper or cardboard.

Bird's eye view of  a LOKLiK Crafter with a pink pen in the tool clamp. On the cutting mat is a piece of paper with a mushroom and the word 'mushroom' drawn on it.

Reduced gear noise

Ultra-Quiet operation: Excellent noise-canceling technology reduces gear noise to below 60 dBa, making the Crafter up to 15% quieter than competing cutting machines.

LOKLiK Crafter in Romance Pink at an angle. A radio wave symbol indicates the silence of the machine.

Multi-device and offline working mode

Enhanced productivity: The stable USB and Bluetooth connection system allows multiple LOKLiK Crafters to be operated simultaneously, significantly boosting productivity.

Uninterrupted workflow: With USB or Bluetooth connectivity, the Crafter can operate without an internet connection, ensuring you can continue your cutting tasks anywhere, anytime, without network interruptions.

A LOKLik Crafter in Romance Pink in front of a LOKLiK Crafter in LOKLiK Blue

LOKLiK IdeaStudio

Seamless integration: LOKLiK IdeaStudio, our graphic design software, connects your computer, tablet, or phone to your Crafter. It supports simultaneous operation of multiple machines, even with a poor network connection.

LOKLiK IdeaStudio opened on tablet, laptop and desktop computer.

What's included in the box

Frontal view of a LOKLiK Crafter in Romance PinkLOKLiK Crafter
Side view of a LOKLiK Crafter blade holder at a 45 degree angleBlade holder
Side view of 2 LOKLiK fine point blades (45°) at a 45 degree angle with a red marking on the top side2x fine point blade (45°, red)
Side view of 2 LOKLiK fine point blades (60°)at a 45 degree angle  with a blue marking on the top side2x deep point blade (60°, blue)
Top view of a standard cutting mat in the color green with a raster grid in the center and LOKLiK logo in the top left and botttom left corner1x Standard cutting mat
Side view of a LOKLiK pen holder at a 45 degree anglePen holder
Side view of a dual tip brush pen with black ink and LOKLiK logo printed on the side1x Black dual tip brush pen
Top view of a sheet of LOKLiK Heat transfer vinyl which has a LOKLiK pattern print1x LOKLiK Heat transfer vinyl sample
Neatly folded USB cable in white at a 45 degree angleUSB cable
Side view of a neatly folded power adapter in whitePower adapter
A closed envelope with the LOKLiK logo and the tagline User manual
Two horizontal rows with image tiles showing summer holidays style designs that can be used with the LOKLiK Crafter+12,000 free designs in our library

Get started with the Crafter Starter Bundle

Contains everything you need to begin your first project:

LOKLiK Crafter, Cutting Mat 3 Pack, weeding tools, permanent adhesive vinyl in glossy gold, matt black & matt red (30.5 cm x 90 cm), grid transfer tape (30.5 cm x 90 cm) and heat transfer vinyl in matt white (30.5 cm x 90 cm).

Get the bundle
Open box of the Crafter Starter Pack showing a box of weeding tools, a roll of gid transfer tape, matt white heat transfer vinyl, glossy gold, matt black and red permanent adhesive vinyl. 3 cutting mats are placed in the lid.
Top view of the contents of the Crafter Starter Pack neatly laid out: a roll of gid transfer tape, matt white heat transfer vinyl, glossy gold, matt black and red permanent adhesive vinyl, 3 cutting mats in blue purple and green and a box of weeding tools.


LOKLiK Crafter - Romance Pink
Machine dimensions
56 x 18 x 14.5 cm
Mat Compatibility
LOKLiK Cutting Mat Blue, Green, Purple, and Pink
LOKLiK IdeaStudio
USB & Bluetooth
Sound In Operation
Under 60 dBa
Power consumption
40 W
6.2 kg

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