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LOKLiK Crafter

Our smart cutting machine with an easy-to-use app. Design and personalise anything, from custom cards to unique clothing and more!

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Pick your Crafter

All three LOKLiK Crafters on differnet level displays. From bottom to top: LOKLiK Crafter Romance Pink, LOKLiK Crafter Denim Blue, LOKLiK Crafter LOKLiK Blue.

Tons of inspiring designs

LOKLiK Crafter LOKLiK Blue with a connecting icon at the top right.

Bluetooth and USB connection

LOKLiK Crafter Denim Blue open and fully visible central on a display with a white and gray background.

Ultra quiet operation

LOKLiK Crafter Romance Pink open and close up on the tool head.

Precision cut

Print, then cut!

Print any colourful image and let your LOKLIK Crafter take care of the contour.

LOKLiK Crafter Denim Blue closed on a table in nature with on the right the LOKLiK weeding tools.

Less noise while cutting

Upgraded noise-cancelling technology brings the sound down to 60 dBa, 15% quieter than other cutting machines.

LOKLiK Crafter LOKLiK Blue open on a table in nature with on the table in front of the machine some card stock papers ready to cut.

Cut and draw

This isn’t just a cutting machine. With our optional set of pens, the Crafter can also draw your designs.

LOKLiK Crafter Romance Pink closed on a table in nature with on the right the LOKLiK weeding tools and behind the machine some Heat Transfer Vinyl rolls.

Ready, set, create!

It’s easy to get started with our Crafter Starter Bundle. Everything you need to begin your first project with your Crafter.

Top view of contents of the LOKLiK Starter Bundle showing LOKLiK weeding tools, blue cutting mat, Heat Transfer Vinyl rolls, grid tape and some example mugs.

LOKLiK Workshop

LOKLiK Workshop is a free image library with tons of designs from our exclusive designers.

A laptop open with the LOKLiK workshop website open in full screen. Go to LOKLiK Workshop
A smart phone with the LOKLiK ideaStudio App open at the login screen.

LOKLiK IdeaStudio

LOKLiK IdeaStudio is our graphic design software that connects your computer, tablet or phone to your LOKLIK Crafter.

A LOKLiK Crafter in LOKLiK Blue
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Included in the box

A LOKLiK  Crafter LOKLiK Blue LOKLiK Crafter
Side view of a LOKLiK Crafter blade holder at a 45 degree angle Blade holder
Side view of 2 LOKLiK fine point blades (45°) at a 45 degree angle with a red marking on the top side 2x fine point blade (45°, red)
Side view of 2 LOKLiK fine point blades (60°)at a 45 degree angle  with a blue marking on the top side 2x deep point blade (60°, blue)
Top view of a standard cutting mat in the color green with a raster grid in the center and LOKLiK logo in the top left and botttom left corner 1x Standard cutting mat
Side view of a LOKLiK pen holder at a 45 degree angle Pen holder
Side view of a dual tip brush pen with black ink and LOKLiK logo printed on the side 1x Black dual tip brush pen
Top view of a sheet of LOKLiK Heat transfer vinyl which has a LOKLiK pattern print 1x LOKLiK Heat transfer vinyl sample
Neatly folded USB cable in white at a 45 degree angle USB cable
Side view of a neatly folded power adapter in white Power adapter
A closed envelope with the LOKLiK logo and the tagline "Make Your Day" printed on it User manual
Two horizontal rows with tiles showing summer holidays style designs that can be used with the LOKLiK Crafter +12,000 free designs in our library

Crafting essentials

Get the most out of your Crafter with these accessories, materials and tools!
These products are not included with your Crafter.

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