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LOKLiK ImPress™ Hat

Make your own custom hats with our hat heat press.

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Great for diverse hat blanks

Adjustable heat settings

Real-time monitoring

All-in-one ironing design

For all hat heat transfer needs

The LOKLiK ImPress™ Hat is designed to perfect every hat creation out of your hand! Powered by the intuitive digital display screen and the flexible setup (Up to 200 °C and 600 s), you can master the final performance of your hat projects.

Quick and uniform heat

No more slow and uneven heat for hat ironing! This heat press is designed to bring your hat to life in seconds, while delivering even heat. The high-quality heat plate with durable ceramic coating, and prepare yourself for lasting craft wonders!

Space-saving & portable

A lightweight and handy 1.0 kg hat heat press! Save space with such a compact body and an all-in-one storage design!

Safety is all around

High security always upholds its importance deeply in the heart of LOKLiK’s product team. Your safety is guaranteed with the 15-minute auto-off feature, heat-resistant ironing mat, and sturdy storage lid of LOKLiK ImPress™ Hat.

A LOKLiK ImPress™ Hat in LOKLiK Blue
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Included in the box

A LOKLiK ImPress™ Hat in LOKLiK Blue LOKLiK ImPress™ Hat
Side view of LOKLiK ImPress™ Hat Ironing Mat in black fabric Ironing Mat
Side view of a LOKLiK ImPress™ Hat Pressing Lid in transparent plastic Hat Pressing Lid
Top view of a LOKLiK ImPress™ Hat Insulated Safety Base in black plastic Insulated Safety Base
Side view of the empty fabric drawstring LOKLiK ImPress™ Hat travel bag Travel Bag
A closed envelope with on it the LOKLiK logo and the tagline "Make Your Day" User manual

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Get the most out of your ImPress™ Hat with these materials!

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